It's just a simple me for you

I'm an proud female Indonesian,
Proud to be born as Muslim and struggling very hard to be a better one,
A smurffete in oil&gas industry,
Love to take pictures with my phone and my D5000,
Culinary addict,
Crazy for fashion, (shoes,bags,clothes,anything that catch my eyes),
Love to watch movies,
mother of two naughty cats,
Really love to travel and explore a new place

It’s September already..
And I’m counting every single days at Schlumberger European Training Center – Read on Path.

Look at all this beautiful #flower β€’#France #travel #giverny (at Jardin de Claude Monet)

Jardin du Monet, really beautiful and smell good😊 at Jardins de Claude Monet – View on Path.

Giverny-Vernon, Here I come😊 #France #travel (at Vernon-Giverny)

It’s not #France without #croissant πŸ˜‰ β€’#food #instagram (at Schlumberger Europe Learning Centre, ELC)

Finally, dry and sunny at loop 1
Too bad I’m sick, so today, Lets use hand signal to teach the students πŸ˜‰ at Schlumberger European Training Center – View on Path.

Always love this restaurant
Good food, awesome view😊 – View on Path.

To comfort my self after that shitty program, let’s enjoy a #korean #food #bulgogi β€’#instagram #instafood (at Rue des Pyramides)

Damn you!!!!!
If you think you know everything, don’t ask me to review a shitty program, man!!!!
U ruined up my day😑 at Schlumberger European Training Center – Read on Path.

a bowl of #vietnam pho, hey.. @muhammadfirdaushassan are u craving for Asian food?x dapat Jumpa Malaysian/Indonesian food tapi found a good Vietnam and Chinese restaurant 😊 #travel #instagram (at Rue Saint-Lazare)