It's just a simple me for you

I'm an proud female Indonesian,
Proud to be born as Muslim and struggling very hard to be a better one,
A smurffete in oil&gas industry,
Love to take pictures with my phone and my D5000,
Culinary addict,
Crazy for fashion, (shoes,bags,clothes,anything that catch my eyes),
Love to watch movies,
mother of two naughty cats,
Really love to travel and explore a new place

Another plane crash in Taiwan😔
Biasa pergi ke mana2 ga pernah ngasih tau siapa pun di rumah, I think mulai skrng I’ll inform them ke mana pun saya pergi.. – Read on Path.

Got a free #bread😊 •apparently in #Romania tradition, if someone passed away, the family will give bread and wine for their friends and relatives after the funeral•#instagram

Wies 11 tahun tapi ga punya apa2
National gas company tapi ora ono PTW form..😱
Mimpi apa masuk project kaya gini😒 – Read on Path.

My dinner and my suhoor, really lazy to cook today, so decided to have my fav Regina blue salata, and I managed to order it with broken romanian language delivered directly to my house 😁😜 #salad #food #instagram #instafood

This certificate is definitely valid in Romania only 😝
But still, now I can say I’m certified😁 – View on Path.

Morning gift from the field, thanks to Alexandru •sign that summer is around (even if the weather still acting weird now)•

Trying to cook aglio olio pasta with dried tuna for my one time meal in a day #food #instafood #instagram

First experience laying in ER
Sembuh…sembuh… at Spitalul Clinic de Urgenta Floreasca – View on Path.

King cross station #london •#travel #instagram #instatravel #building #design #architecture

It’s #summer it’s Saturday so let’s enjoy it!!!!we are at #kensington park #london •@pangenika •#instagram (at Kensington Palace Gardens)